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Selecting the best accountant for your business can mean the difference between success, mediocre performance, and even failure. Since the numbers "behind" your business are an important tool in setting the right path for your future, Understanding those numbers can make or break your business.

Many who don't have a strong accounting background view all Accountants as being equal, but that is not the case. A well qualified accountant is equipped with the knowledge and experience to make a critical difference in many parts of your business including Tax Planning, Business Consulting, Personal Finance Advice, and Networking.

You want an accountant who offers more than crunched numbers. Your accountant will develop a detailed knowledge of you, your business and your numbers. Always remember, once you've chosen an accountant, it can be time consuming and costly to make a change.

Today's business and personal Accountants offer more than crunched numbers. Call Accountants in Albanytoday and we will be glad to sit down with you for a free evaluation of your accounting and planning needs. We are experienced Accountants serving the Albany Georgia and surrounding area.

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The Point Practical Handbook Of Management Accounting, Offering High Conversion Rates And Nil Refunds.

Thinking Of Starting Your Own Bookkeeping, Accounting or Tax Practice?

I’m going to give you all of those same tools and techniques it took me years to develop, starting with your own FREE “Practice Builders Marketing Arsenal.” In this arsenal of marketing tips, tools and techniques, you’ll discover the tools and tricks I used to build all of my successful practices.

From the first day of your membership, you’ll begin to receive access the entire Marketing Arsenal, over three hundred pages of tips, trick and how-to techniques for building your own practice.




In step number 2, I’ll give you the tools you need to start your own “Small Business Management Institute.”

With the “Clients From Seminars” system you’ll learn how you can team up with local civic organizations, schools and colleges to become THE sought after expert in your community.





Then,with step 3, I’ll help you become a published author, with your own line of Small Business Management Workbooks.

You can have as many as two dozen different workbooks, printed and professionally bound with full-color binding, to display in your office, or to sell as a “back of the room” product at your small business academy seminars and workshops.





For step 4, I’ll give you all the tools you need to start an electronic marketing program for your practice immediately.

I’ll show you how you can get three FREE websites to promote the tax, payroll and accounting portions of your practice, your own FREE email marketing campaign account, complete with 26 pre-written client email newsletters and messages.





Then finally, in step 5, I’ll show you how to build a niche practice, and where you can learn the skills necessary for any one of more than a half dozen specialized niches, all designed to explode your practice and fees.

These specialized niches and the techniques for using them to build your practice are so powerful I can only tell you how they work for you AFTER you become a member.

Niche Practice Builders From IPB Institute!

  • “Secret” Niche #1 – How You Can Literally ‘Steal’ Clients From Your Competitors! Just add this service and you’ll have a “door opener” that literally lets you “steal” clients away from your competitors. Plus, watch your client retention rates skyrocket! Or, use it to begin a completely separate business.
  • “Secret” Niche #2 – How You Can Break Into A Little Known Field Working With Banks And Finance Companies! Learn how to earn fees up to $1,000 per day and more with this little known service working with banks and finance companies. This complete program includes training, custom spreadsheet software, plus breakthrough report writing software.
  • “Secret” Niche #3 – Learn How Seminars And Workshops Can Build Your Practice! Learn what you need to use the free IPB seminars, workshops and resources to start a highly lucrative platform sales business. Discover the best products to sell, how to develop your own line of products, where and when to hold your seminars. Plus, learn how you can recruit and train others to sell your products for you!
  • “Secret” Niche #4 – An Amazing Method Designed To Increase Fees And Help Your Clients Grow! Learn how the “Big Boys” use this well known service to expand their services and increase fees! Find out when to hire and train consultants and engineers, and how to find the clients that want and need this service.
  • “Secret” Niche #5 – Learn How One Service You Probably Already Offer Can Build You A Whole New Business! Learn how one of your regular bookkeeping or accounting services can be used to start a whole new business, or two! How to finance this new business, how to get clients, where to market and what clients to avoid!
  • “Secret” Niche #6 – Discover A Market Where Preparing One Financial Statement Pays You Month After Month! Learn how you can earn a residual income, month after month, merely for preparing one financial package. Earn fees and residual income while you help your clients expand their business.
  • The Instant Practice Builder system gives you everything you need to start marketing tomorrow – your own Marketing Guidebook, Marketing Arsenal with step-by-step instructions, methods and materials for group marketing and presentations, Private Label Publications you can co-brand as your own work, your own Electronic Marketing System, complete with web hosting, one-to-one electronic marketing system, with both live and passive methods, and access to marketing guides for Practice Specialties and Industry Niches that you can use to build your own million dollar practice!



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A serious solution for your weight loss management and health. Serving Albany, Georgia and surrounding area. When you know the facts, weight management is less challenging. Call us today to schedule your consultation. (234) 543-9876

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Home Maintenance and Repairs In Albany, Georgia and Surrounding Area. Get all the home repair help you need with the reliable services that are trusted by many satisfied customers. Call us today (333) 333-4444

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Whether you use or invest in real estate in Albany, Georgia, you can rely on our local market expertise for commercial real estate projects of virtually any size and complexity. Call a professional today at (555) 777-8888

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